As one of the most trusted groups of private building certifiers in Brisbane, we possess the resources to provide our full range of certification, facilitation and consultancy services for residential, commercial or industrial buildings.

Professional & Proactive

Our group of professional private building certifiers are supported by an equally professional team of administration support staff, all of whom take a proactive approach to ensuring all of our services are provided in a professional friendly manner, with an attention to detail and in collaboration with you the client. All of our services are tailored to suit you the client; whether you are a landowner, builder, architect or building designer and ifthe building project(s) is exclusive or repetitive.

Significant Savings

Our experience and resources provide us with the capability to identify any available cost or time benefits to you, made possible by our continuing professional development and long-term alliances with key industry authoritiessuch as Local Authority Building, Plumbing & Town Planning Departments, Bushfire Management professionals, private Town Planners and the Queensland Fire & Emergency Service.