The Building Certification Group works with clients as an integral part of the project team, providing expert guidance on compliance issues during the lifetime of a project, from conception to completion.

The complexity and scale of commercial buildings requires an extensive and varied knowledge of the building code requirements;qualities that our building certifiers possess and utilise on a daily basis in the certification of Class 2 to 9 buildings.We can supply the necessary numbers of staff to accommodate a project’s size and complexity, assigning single or multiple building certifiers all with a remarkable performance history and enviable knowledge base. Our expert guidance on compliance issues during the lifetime of a projectfrom conception to completion is envied by our competitors and prized by our clients.Whether your project is remote or local, repetitive or exclusive, Building Certification Group manages them all with personal attention to detail and professional collaboration.

Building certification for commercial building projects (Classes 2-9), includes tenancy fitouts, shopping centres, warehouse and factory complexes, apartments and townhouses, office towers, school and institutional buildings, child care centres, hospitals and medical facilities, cinemas and assembly buildings, heritage buildings, airport terminals, busways, vehicle andtrain access tunnels, storage facilities, power stations, water and sewage treatment plants and mining infrastructure.

Class 2: Unit Buildingsmultistorey and high rise residential accommodation

Class 3: Boarding Houses& Hotelsshort term accommodation buildings

Class 4: Dwellings within Class 5 to 9 buildingscaretaker residences

Class 5: Officesprofessional or commercial purposes

Class 6: Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Showroomsplaces where goods or services are sold

Class 7: Carparks and Warehousesstorage of vehicles or products

Class 8: Laboratories, Factories or Plantproducing, processing or manufacturing buildings

Class 9: Hospitals, Schools & Assembly Buildingspublic buildings where people assemble in numbers