Few building certification companies offer additional services to building certification. At the Building Certification Group, we are one of the select few who does. We understand a client’s need for a ‘one-stop-shop’; a company who can facilitate the lodgement and obtainment of additional Council applications and reports. Our staff possess the knowledge of what is required to achieve not just compliance, but time and cost saving solutions. Knowing what the application is to consist of, where to send applications and who to contact is all part of our service. Certification is our primary business with facilitation a close second. Facilitation by BCG reduces delays, added expenses and saves you the time and effort of completing the process yourself.


We can facilitate the lodgement of the following applications to the Local Authority:

  • Siting Variations
  • Town Planning
  • Build Over Sewer/Stormwater
  • Plumbing
  • Water Connection
  • Driveway Crossover



We can facilitate the obtainment of the following reports and responses from the relevant organisations:

  • Energy Efficiency Reports
  • Bushfire Hazard Assessment & Construction Reports
  • Queensland Fire & Rescue
  • Fire Engineering