Decks and Roof Decks

Although decks or roofed decks may seem like a minor construction, they are considered a significant structure that requires careful planning and certifications by the QBCC and local council authorities to ensure they are safe and structurally sound.



Roofing structure and materials

The team here at the Building Certification Group specialise in assisting property owners, and building professionals navigate the Queensland building certification process, enabling them to carry out fluid and timely building approvals.

Decks and Roof Decks certification Brisbane

If you are a property owner or building professional who plans to build a deck or roofed deck, then you will need to submit your plans to local building authorities for approval.

These assessments, applications, reports, and certificates ensure they are safe for use by occupants and visitors and are no threat to adjacent properties.

Examples of parts of your decking that will be assessed for certification include:

Queensland has the potential for extreme weather events, and the structure must also meet compliances for this possibility. All structures that could be considered a deck, roofed deck, balcony or verandah must meet the specifications outlined in the QueenslandBuildingAct 1975.

These laws, compliances and protocols can be daunting for even a seasoned building trade veteran, and it may be helpful to get a consultant to help navigate this complex system.

The highly-qualified and experienced consultants here at the Building Certification Group, Brisbane, can assist you in all aspects of this process, including facilitating all applications and reports that may be required for a smooth construction on your behalf.


We are one of the few building certification firms that offer a complete solution service for building approvals. We can assess and consult on all aspects of your build with one unified team.

Examples of applications and reports that may be required for decks and roofed decks that we can manage on your behalf include:

  • Siting variations
  • Build over sewers and stormwater
  • Utility connections
  • Driveway crossover
  • Energy efficiency reports
  • Bushfire and hazard assessments and more

For more information about what is required for a fluid and timely deck or roofed deck build, contact our friendly staff to arrange a consultation.

Why partner with the Building Certification group?

The experienced professionals here at the Building Certification group have had over 60,000 building approvals under their management.

We understand all aspects of the Queensland building approval system, and we can facilitate all assessments, applications, reports, responses and certifications under the same roof.

By having one team facilitate this process, you can avoid the delays that can occur through miscommunication and confusion between multiple professionals and agencies.

Take the headache out of your deck or roofed deck build by contacting one of our friendly and helpful staff by phone or email today, and learn why our team are industry leaders in property development management.

If you would like a call back at a preferred time, send you details and enquiry via our online contact form, and one of our agents will respond promptly.

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