Energy Efficiency Assessments

Australia’s international carbon neutrality targets are important for our planet’s health and future generations’ survival. This is something we take very seriously at the Building Certification Group. We do our part to help developers and property owners work towards a clean energy future by ensuring their dwellings and structures meet various energy efficiency targets.

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Our team is well versed in all aspects of energy efficiency throughout all levels of building and construction. We offer comprehensive assessment and certification for a property’s energy efficiency, assisting you to reduce carbon emissions as well as your energy bills with renovations and new builds.

Queensland is positioned to have an exciting clean energy future, and our consultants can help you be a big part of that today.

Why get an assessment?

An Energy Rating, or an Energy Efficiency Assessment, determines how much energy is used to cool and heat your property. There are several types of assessments available such as: 

  • A Star Rating (which determines a total thermal calculation)
  • A Deemed-to-Satisfy assessment (individual minimum requirements)
  • A Verification Method assessment (a combination of the above)

It is a requirement of the National Construction Code for all new buildings and extensions to be energy efficient. Each construction requires a certificate that shows it complies with the Code.

Why choose Buildings Certification Group

Certification for a domestic or commercial building project that requires an energy efficiency assessment is best handled by the application approval specialists at the Building Certification Group. We have over 20-years of experience and over 60,000 building approvals as part of our successful portfolio. 

The customised service that is received when you partner with our professional consultants helps you navigate various aspects of the energy efficiency certification process. We can also often recommend ways to improve your score.

We do all that is possible to aid our clients further with in-depth reports and responses for building projects beyond energy efficiency reports, inclusive of:

The benefit of our facilitation consultants’ assistance ensures you do not come up against unexpected delays and unnecessary expenses. Meet your deadlines with a smooth, stress-free process due to our years of experience.

Ensure a green future with our help today

We only have one planet, and each of us has a responsibility to ensure its care. The team here at the Building Certification Group can help builders, property developers, and landowners do this with effective and efficient energy assessments that do not hold up construction.

Book a consultation with one of our consultants and learn how easy it can be to organise these required assessments with our help. You’ll enjoy total peace of mind as we tick all of the necessary boxes on your behalf, resulting in the energy efficiency certificates you need. Let’s start today.

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