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Queenslanders love a backyard swimming pool, and on hot days, it’s no wonder. In the warmer seasons, Queensland weather can reach over 40°C, with humidity levels sometimes exceeding 70%; in these climates, a swimming pool is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Domestic and commercial pool fence certification

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Over 20% of Queenslanders own a swimming pool or have one situated on their shared property. As convenient and fun as a pool can be when you need to cool down, they present a genuine danger, especially to children.

On average, approximately 10-children under the age of five drown in Queensland each year, and about five children aged between five to seventeen years. Between 2004 and 2017, there were 192 recorded drowning deaths by children between five to seventeen years; an alarming statistic.

Even though this still occurs in tragic numbers even today, these statistics have dropped significantly in the last few decades due to laws and building standards involving pool safety and pool fence compliances.

Today, contractors and property owners must submit their swimming pool plans for approval by a building certifier and the relevant local government bodies for assessment and approval.

The team here at the building Certification Group, Brisbane, has over 20-years of experience and over 60,000 building approvals to its name. 

Read on to learn more about our diverse range of building approval services and how we can help with building certifications for pools and pool fences, Brisbane and Southeastern Queensland communities.

Pools and pool fences

The Queensland government and the QBCC enforce stringent laws and compliances for private swimming pool owners in Queensland. These specifications relate to the pool itself and the pool fence that barriers the pool.

Examples of these specifications and laws include, but are not limited to:

  • Your pool must be registered with the QLD registry of residential swimming pools 
  • Pool fencing is mandatory for all pools deeper than 300mm
  • Minimum heights and gaps for pool fences horizontal and vertical rails
  • Annual or bi-annual pool inspections for private and multi-residential properties.
  • New swimming pools must undergo final inspections by a certifier
  • CPR instructions in place
  • The direction of gate openings and more

Failure to meet these compliances can result in significant potential penalties for property owners and building contractors, including on the spot fines.

These specifications can also be unique to the individual properties and their pool builds, requiring plan submissions, inspections and assessments by professional certifiers before construction can commence.

Building a pool is a significant investment, and improper planning or oversights during the application period can blowout costs and delay construction.

Pool and pool fence certification

The expert consultants here at the Building Certification Group can assist property owners and building contractors throughout the complex process of gaining draft and building certification for all pools and pool fences in the state of Queensland.

We are one of Queensland longest running building certification groups and one of few that offer building consultation, facilitation and certification services all under one roof.

We can assist in every step of your new pool build or renovation from start to finish, ensuring all compliances are met for fluid and timely building approvals for pools and pool fences.

For more information, contact one of our friendly consultants by phone, email, or online contact porthole.

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