Residential Building Certification

The team of building industry professionals here at the Building Certification Group have over 20-years of experience in commercial and residential construction consultation, facilitation and building certification, Brisbane and Queensland’s South-East regions.

Residential Building

Shed or Carport

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Our highly-qualified and experienced consultants help building professionals, developers and property owners to navigate draft approvals, certifications, reports and approvals necessary to perform small and large scale construction work in Queensland.

We have over 60,000 building approvals to our name and are one of the longest-serving building certification groups in Queensland. Our services are one of few that provide more than just a certification service, offering our clients complete solutions building certification, facilitation and consultancy under one roof.

By utilising our services, you can be assured that there is one team of professionals focused on your project from start to finish. This negates the potential for miscommunication and delays by using more than one agency for your projects consultancy and facilitation.

Residential building certification

Whether it be a new residential build, small scale home renovation, or a large structure like a shed or carport, in most cases, there will be local council and state government imposed inspections, reports, certificates and protocols. These need to be submitted, authorised and actioned before and during the project.

These specifications and processes can be confusing even for seasoned building professionals, and losing track or being misinformed about the procedures can lead to frustrating delays and financial blowouts on your building project.

The team here at the Building Certification Group have decades of combined experience in all aspects of the Queensland building certification process. They can help you carry out fluid and timely approvals.

Two main subclasses need to be considered when applying for domestic building certification. The specification of these subclasses is as follows.

Class 10: Non-habitable building or structure

A class 10 dwelling refers to a utility or facility that is not designed as a dwelling, such as:

The types of certificates and approvals required can vary depending on a structure’s size, its intended use and other factors.

Class one: Single dwelling (detached or attached)

A class one dwelling refers to:

  • New builds and demolitions
  • Extensions
  • Additions
  • Alterations
  • Renovations

You will need to submit your project plans for certification before any work can begin on your building construction or demolition.

To learn more about class one building certificates and the related processes, contact one of our professionals today to arrange a consultation.

For more information about building certification, Brisbane, contact our helpdesk to arrange a consultation.


Our complete solution building consultation services can also facilitate all applications and reports that will be required for your projects, including:

Site variations


Water connection

Driveway crossover

Energy efficiency reports

Bushfire hazard assessment and construction reports

Fire engineering


Complete solution services

If you require construction consultation, facilitation and building certification, Brisbane, with a proven track record of getting results and achieving deadlines, then speak to one of the friendly and helpful consultants here at the Building Certification Group today.

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